healthy coffee, lacto-berry probiotic, greenzhi toothgel for your daily routine
If kitchen pipes gets choked or leaks after 20 years, what about your blood vessel ?
Do you think your body deserves even higher level of hygiene cleaning maintenance ?

How to clear the built-up of thrombosis and cholesterol ?
Daily Routine
CEO coffee with 100% pure lingzhi ganoderma, guaranteed trans-fat free
Chinese version of CEO-coffee illustration, solves constipation and migraine
Lacto-berry probiotics relieves Ryan Ong of past allergy
CEO-coffee 4-in-1 (lingzhi ganoderma)
Lacto-berry probiotic is multi-coated to ensure more probiotic reaches your intestines
         Lacto-berry Probiotics
Multi-coated to withstand body temperature and stomach acid
Flouride free toothpaste, contains neem extract and lingzhi ganoderma
Non-toxic toothgel, flouide-free, safe even swallowed by accident
Flouride-free, non-toxic Greenzhi toothgel
Lu Chun Tea
Aminoo acid cleanser truly cleanse and rejuvenate your skin
Total Renewal Cream with Criste marine stem cell
Hydrating toner will keep your skin moisturized all day
Ling zhi Tea