Cleaning chemicals, detergent, disinfectant for home, office and commercial kitchen
Cleaning chemicals
3090 Citrus Fresh
Pearly Soap 2202
Ceramic tile Mosaic
Stains Remover 1133
Multi-Purpose 1116
Detergent Cleaner
Rust Remover 1132
Disinfectant & Odour Control 2203
Traffc Film Cleaner 2205
Cleaning solution
Multi-purpose Disinfactant
Cleaner 2204
Eurolube Citrus Fresh Detergent Cleaner 3090
Eurolube Pearly Soap 2202 for use in executive washroom at private club, hotels, restaurant, schools, hospital
Eurolube Ceramic Tiles & Mosiac Stain Remover 1133 effortlessly clean stubborn toilet stain
Eurolube HD degreaser 1110 formulated for hard carbon scaling
Multi-purpose detergent cleaner cleans up fat, oil and dirt deposit and prevents from re-dispersed elsewhere
Traffic film cleaner can be used hot or cold to remove grease, dirt, oil and grime
ideally used in restaurants, hotels, clubs, toilets, food prcessing and public areas
Versatile and suitable for use even in removing concrete and mortar, scale, stain, algae
Home aquarium fish tank DI water refill, DI resin refill pack, mini DI water system
DI water
US formula, blended locally under licence to save end consumer cost
Bio enzyme cleaner detergent for non-toxic daily washes
Eco-friendly enzyme formulation for healty and safe daily uses
Enzyme formulation